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A woman’s ability to cope stress and changes plays a major role on how you will adapt and resolve conflict to the new life experiences. Acceptance will be easier if you have the confidence and support group of people such as your relationship with your partner and family to help you get through especially in dealing with the emotions. It is basic for the family to function with their role to a pregnant member. Once you realize that you are pregnant and you notice slight changes of signs and symptoms, it is best for you to take the first step and that is taking a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy kits measures the amount of Human Gonadotrophin Hormones(HCG) this is a pregnancy hormone in your body.The home kits detects the presence of HCG in your urine. The more sensitive the pregnancy kit it can detect low levels of HCG. How soon can you examine for a pregnancy test? Accurate test results at the time you would begin to menstruate, so it is important that you track down your menstrual cycle about two weeks after your are ovulating that is about seven to ten days. Best time to get a urine sample is by the time you get up from bed. Pregnancy kits are easy to use just follow the instructions that has been written on the box. There is also another way for pregnancy to be detected and that is through blood sample. Blood test are more sensitive than the urine test and can easily be detected. However you will not be advised for blood extraction not unless your menstruation is due. Therefore, the best time for you to take a pregnancy test is as soon by the time you have the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as tender breasts, fatigue, mood swings, feeling light headed, nausea and vomiting, disgusted by specific food, peeing often, cramping. Just right before you get to have a pregnancy test  you have already jump start to being pregnant. The woman knows more about her body and  she is encouraged to verbalize her feelings .

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