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If you think you could be pregnant, it is best for you to know as to when you will take the test. The timing depends on what type of pregnancy test you will do. There are two types of test , the urine test and blood sample test. These two test are both looking for the same hormone. This hormone is called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ,this hormone is present only when the woman becomes pregnant. The only difference between the two test is to how they will detect the hormone. The urine test takes about two weeks after ovulation while the blood sample finds HCG six to eight days after ovulation.  The HCG is measured in thousandths of international units. Most manufacturers displays how sensitive their test in using the mlU  as the standard unit of measure.

What could be the benefits of detecting an early pregnancy?  If you are able to have yourself test  and confirmed positive result  chances you are will adopt the healthy way of eating foods that have higher nutritional content. If you have vices, you will give up smoking, drinking alcohol and even drink caffeinated  beverages as they do not bring good to the growing fetus inside your womb. You begin to  accept change in your life. It is also important that  you have your support system like your partner, he should be present in the time of pre natal up to the day of child bearing. Your partner needs to understand the emotional breakthrough that you will be having during pregnancy. Extended family, most of the times they are the most supportive group of people, so do not ever forsake their attention to you. As all these impacts your pregnancy, a healthy baby will come out  soon which will bring joy to you and your family.

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