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It is rampant these days that sex is no longer a taboo topic.  In fact it has become one of the most discussed and most interesting topic especially to a sprouting age of teenagers to young adults. That is why sex education is now implemented as early as 9 years old in school. It  should be clear on these early ages what it leads if unprotected sex happen.  Explaining to these group of people the means of contraception and safe sex. It is vital for parents to be open minded with the matter because this is the age of “curiosity” and “exploring”.

 In this crucial stage, if misguided there is no better way but to assist a pregnant adolescent. Most of them are afraid and scared because they do not know what it is to have a bigger state of responsibility.  Adolescent present for pregnancy test in a variety of ways.  For example, she had unprotected sex and she wanted to be sure she is not pregnant. Many teens are using a home pregnancy test to confirm the result.  They must be guided how to read the result  and ask them to go seek consultation if the result is positive.  Alternately, the clinician may offer some test especially if early detection is missed out.  It is important to give them health teachings so they can be aware. The clinician will asses further details  like the desire of pregnancy versus her desire to prevent it . Regardless of the choices an adolescent makes about the pregnancy, the role of the care provider is to present accurate and unbiased information.

This is to help a seeking adolescent how soon she can have a pregnancy test. It is important to emphasize it to an adolescent to make a thoughtful decision.  Through this you are able to help appropriate services. However, if pregnancy test is negative. Education about consistent use of condom and contraceptive information are provided. With this you are able to prevent unwanted pregnancy and stillborn.

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