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Women nowadays are health conscious especially with the food they take and the means of having a regular exercise. Women have become enthusiastic on how to stay beautiful and healthy. Teaching young women to take good care of themselves is one way of enhancing their knowledge especially to knowing the reproductive system and the education regarding sex should be implemented. About 95 percent of the world’s population are aware but are deficient when it comes to being safe. That is why unwanted pregnancies are most likely common to this generation. Emphasizing the need to be cautious should not be limited because it can lead to a major life stress. Assuming that it already happened, pregnancy has taken place. You wonder as to when you need to know that you are pregnant.

When could be the earliest time for you to take pregnancy test? The answer is as soon as you are able to experience the early signs of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting ,fatigue, change of mood, light headedness and tingling of the breast. There are several types of test to be done if you are pregnant. Home pregnancy test detects the HCG levels in your urine. By simply taking this test, should be three to four days after a missed period but if you test it too early it chances are a false-negative result, it comes in for about three minutes before you see lines appearing on the kit. Blood test  are more sensitive than urine test  and can detect pregnancy for about six to eight weeks after ovulation. When results are positive, the next step for you to do next is to have a check up so that you will be assisted throughout the nine months of pregnancy. You will be given a regimen if there are any findings for a risky pregnancy. Take into considerations what will be advised and you will have a good and healthy pregnancy.

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