Health Fairs

Give your employees and members a very
valuable service at little or no cost. One of the top priorities
to an individual is their health. As an employer or business
owner it is in your best interest to reduce absenteeism, improve
production and prevent injuries. Our health fairs address
all of these needs and provide an extremely valuable service
at little or no charge.

Our health fair can include any and all
of the following depending on your needs.

  • Cholesterol, blood sugar, and full spectrum
    laboratory (minimal cost)
  • Oral cancer and dental evaluation (local
  • Information on cancer prevention and
    treatment by the American Cancer Foundation
  • Heart Health by the American Heart Foundation
  • Back Care and Injury Prevention (local
  • Improving your health and fitness
  • How to Lose weight the easy way
  • How to handle you aching feet (local
  • Animal Health advice (local veterinarians)
  • Muscle Tension and Stress Reduction

For more information please contact our
regional coordinator at ”
or call us at 770-623-6880

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