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There are couples who wanted to have a baby after marriage. The sooner pregnancy occurs  would make them as a complete family. Building your own family is really exciting. You get to experience new levels of happiness and love like the joy of having a baby. So if you have been trying and still no result, keep in mind that it all comes in the right time as they say. When you embrace pregnancy that means you are ready and responsible to take care another human being. But if you are still planning , it is essential for you to read books about pregnancy, perhaps consult a health care provider to enlighten you, hear stories of your friends and or from a family member how they go through their pregnancy.

Even with the most effective birth control pills is not always guaranteed that it will not make you pregnant. It only takes one sperm to fertilize the egg. Most pregnancy test kits are 99%  are effective right after a missed period.  The best part of pregnancy testing kit is you get to do it on your own unless you wanted someone to wait for you to get along with the excitement. By just doing so, all you have to do is open the kit, place the tip under your urine flow and wait for the recommended time to see the results. Most  cases, women buy kits not just only one to confirm the result so if you are this kind of person it is better you try to do the same. The moment of truth, you see two lines that means you are pregnant. The excitement of pregnancy depends on how stable the woman is in her life, for some they find it  as a major eventful happening . On the other hand, some women may be at risk for pregnancy and some are not just ready to have one. Either of those it only takes a matter of acceptance and  enjoy what has given unto you. Even how sooner pregnancy occurs, take it as a blessing sent from above.

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