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The earlier you know that you are pregnant the better but you wanted something accurate when testing for confirmation whether you are pregnant or not. Here is a little quick note for you to better understand pregnancy. Every month as part of the menstrual cycle a woman ovulates mature eggs . After intercourse the sperm travels through the fallopian tube towards the walls of the uterus and into the fallopian tubes. So if the sperm successfully enters into the mature eggs, instantly you will be pregnant. So now you do not want to spend more money just to buy two or three or even up to five home pregnancy test.

Introducing the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test Accuracy . This is a test that is sensitive enough to detect  scants amount of hormones. Pregnancy a hormone is released one week after conception, the developing embryo will be implanted to the wall of the uterus connecting to the mother’s umbilicus. First Response Test Accuracy It gives you six days of result before you’re missed out period. Pregnant women should know that during the first few weeks of pregnancy it is the most crucial time so has to be cautious with the food intake and others that are not prescribe by the doctor. With First Response it detects pregnancy hormone levels it varies in the number of days before the expected period. First Response is easy to use; it is designed to get the accurate result due to highly sensitive.  It have a longer comfortable grip that will not spill small amounts of urine. It have a one large, easy to read window . So If you got a reading of two lines that means you are pregnant, if one line is you are not pregnant. Not all women are as per using the product can be detected by it because of the amounts of hormones that will be detected in the urine. It is advisable to seek consultation for further laboratory work up.

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