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Finding out that you are pregnant can either be exhausting or exciting depends or a little bit of both. If you are suspecting that you might be pregnant, best thing for you to do to make it  sure.  For most women, they go right away to see the doctor for confirmation. Before you make that move, you can quickly check if you are pregnant by using a home pregnancy kit this saves time in your part at the same time money in going to the doctor. During the first few weeks of pregnancy it is the most crucial part it is because the fetus is still growing and developing. The sooner you know that you are pregnant, making healthy decision for your pregnancy begins this includes limit exposure to hazards, proper diet and nutrition and pre natal check up. How early can you test for pregnancy? Not all women have the same body to undergo the same cycle of pregnancy, for some they don’t experience the early signs and symptoms during their first month and does not have amounts of detectable pregnancy hormones.  First response for you to detect that you are pregnant is buy yourself a pregnancy test kit. It is not something to be ashamed of because you  want to know if you confirm. Most pregnancy test kits are bought in the drugstore.

 Now you are taking early test for pregnancy, the best time for you to test is upon waking up early in the morning. Testing your urine with the pregnancy kit will not take long, results is seen after few minutes. As you see the result of your pregnancy kit, you would see a double highlighted lines that indicates that you are pregnant.  It is good for you to seek an Obstetrician to explain further and guide you throughout your pregnancy. You will be required  to have regular check ups to monitor your pregnancy and the fetus health.

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