Lower Than Normal Body Temperature: Causes And Home Remedies

Normal body temperature is an indication that the person is in good health. In medical world, the benchmark set in for a normal body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. Based on a German physician Dr. Wunderlich’s observation the ‘standard’ body temperature is accepted by medical fraternity. Although 98.6 is the standard normal temperature, it may not be always remain constant in a healthy person. Slight lower and higher variation is normal and there is no cause of worry.

However, if you have extreme low body temperature, it may produce host of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, confusion, drowsiness, weak and slow pulse, etc.

With low body temperature the body is extremely cold when touched.

A range of 89 to 95 degree Fahrenheit is considered moderately low body temperature. Body temperature below 89 is considered extremely lower than normal body temperature. Low body temperature can be due environmental factors or some medical conditions. The core temperature of the body lower than 95 degree F is considered as low. Low body temperature is also called hypothermia.

What Can Cause Below Normal Body Temperature?

Body temperature lower than normal, can occur due to several reasons. Temperature that is too low (95 degree F and below) is often a sign of illness.

It can be external cause or an internal medical condition.

  • Exposure to extreme cold climate can cause hypothermia. Exposure to cold climate especially in icy cold atmosphere the body becomes cold. If the body temperature becomes abnormally low, it can be life threatening situation for a person. In case of a blizzard or remaining in cold sea water for a long period of time can make the body cold. Drinking alcohol in such situation may be hazardous for health. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and blood rushes to the surface of skin where more heat is lost.
  • Low body temperature is common with certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. It is a thyroid disorder where there is imbalance of thyroid hormones. Often low body temperature gives an early hint of this disorder to the physician.
  • A ruptured aneurism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, low blood sugar in diabetics, certain medications for treating anxiety and depression, and severe trauma can cause low body temperature than normal. Hypothermia is one of the sign of sepsis. The condition is life threatening resulting from an infection. Kidney failure and cardiac infarction can cause drop in body temperature. For a precise diagnosis, your physician will consider associated symptoms.

Home Remedies For Low Body Temperature

A drastic drop in body temperature can be dangerous. If there is no medical assistance at the site, immediate first aid measures should be sorted to preserve and raise temperature of brain and trunk. It can be done by insulating the body all around with blankets or sleeping bag to prevent further loss of heat.

  • Rewarming can be done externally or by internal means. External rewarming can be done by using blankets, forced hot air, and warm bath and wearing warm clothes. Internal rewarming requires hospitalization or medical help, especially when the person is unconscious or the pulse have become feeble.
  • Person should be moved to a warm shelter as early as possible. His wet clothes should be removed and he should wear warm clothes. If the person is conscious, he is encouraged to drink warm water or warm soups. But avoid use of alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  • Few home remedies work well to raise body temperature. Drink ginger tea. Ginger has natural qualities to raise core body temperature and it also increases the metabolic process when digested.
  • Use of cinnamon bark powder in food preparation is beneficial as it helps in regulating the blood glucose level. It is especially beneficial for diabetics who have low body temperature.

Girlfriends… it’s really light in my bedroom. I don’t say that to elicit a giggle. Get your minds out of the gutter.

We have southern exposure and no blackout blinds. I live in downtown Vancouver. As such, I can almost read a book…. At 2 am with the lights out in my bedroom… full moon or not.

Sure we have a great apartment but unfortunately it comes with those shitty white bottom of the barrel blinds. These are the crappy white lever blinds that come with most standard apartments in the downtown.

Make no mistake, I love it that these blinds are my key to privacy. I close the blinds and my neighbour can’t see me when I walk around my bedroom in my underwear. Yes, I understand that all things come at a cost but is it so much to ask that I get a set of drapes that black out the light and prevent me from having my very own underwear based You-Tube video?

Me and my shitty blinds have pretty much reached the end of our relationship. I need me some black out blinds.

I am tired (excuse the pun) of sleeping in a room that is lit up like Times Square.
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I am tired of walking to the washroom in BROAD DAYLIGHT at 3 in the morning.

This really has become a problem.

You see, I really like to sleep in a cave. I like to get out of bed in the middle of the night and fumble to find the bathroom. I like to trip over things and want for a night light because it is so dark in the room.

My time spent travelling and staying in hotels allows me to see how the darker half lives. On the down side of course is bed bugs…. On the up side is the black-out blinds.

Yes my cybersisters I will risk the threat of vermin for the sake of not having to wear another one of those “sleepytime masks” with the word “Princess” scrolled across the front in glued on rhinestones.

Most people don’t sleep well in hotels. They talk about how the room is foreign to them and how they miss their own bed, their own room and their own pillow.

Me? Sure, I miss the familiarity of it all, but I welcome the dark.

You see our brains are pretty specific when it comes to being influenced by light.

We all have a biological clock in our brains that help to regulate our sleep and wake cycles and other key physiological systems that allow us to live in harmony with our natural surroundings such as day and night and the changing of the seasons.

This is same system that helps to tell us when we are sleepy or awake. It is the same system that gets “off kilter” when we travel and suffer from jet lag for example.

The most important function of a biological clock is to regulate certain biological rhythms like the sleep/wake cycle. The biological clock is also involved in controlling seasonal reproductive cycles in some animals through its ability to track information about the changing lengths of daylight and darkness during a year.

There are two types of biological rhytms. Exogenous rhythms are directly produced by an external influence, such as an environmental cue. (think time of day). These are not generated internally by the organism itself, and if the environmental cues are removed, the rhythm ceases. For example put someone in a dark room for days on end and they will eventually lose their usual day/night cycle.

Endogenous rhythms, by contrast, are driven by an internal, self-sustaining biological clock rather than by anything external to us. Biological rhythms like changes in core body temperature, are endogenous. They are maintained even if environmental cues are removed.

Humans have a circadian rhythm that has a natural day length of just over 24 hours. This “clock” needs to be reset to match the length of day for what is called the “environmental photoperiod”.

This is the amount of daylight in a 24 hour period. As you can imagine the body’s internal clock goes haywire in times where day and night are prolonged. For example- move to the arctic in the summer where the daylight last for 20 or so hours and you have a problem with your internal clock.

The cue that synchronizes the internal biological clock to the environmental cycle is light. Photoreceptors in the retina (the back of the eye) transmit light-dependent signals to a blace in the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This is an area that sits right on top of the optic nerve behind the eye. Drill a hole between your eye and your ear straight into the brain and you are there. I don’t mean to be gross or dramatic but it’s the visual I’m after.

Interestingly, our usual visual system receptors, the rods and cones, are apparently not required for this photoreception.9This mean that even some blind people still have a sense of a biological clock.

Special types of retinal ganglion cells are photoreceptive and project directly to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, and appear to have all the properties required to provide the light signals for synchronizing the biological clock.3 At the suprachiasmatic nucleus the signal interacts with several genes that serve as “pacemakers.”

A study published in Neuroscience Letters in 1986 exposed 8 healthy controls to bright light starting at 6 am and ending at 9am. These people were monitored for their sleep patterns for 10 days at first and in rooms where the light gradually became lighter at around 6am and progressed until 9 am. This had little effect on their day/night cycle.

The study then went on and exposed the same subjects to a bright light at 6am. Within 7 days the day/night cycle of these subjects was significantly altered. All subjects would now wake up at just before 6am almost as if they had anticipated the “light wake up call”.

Girlfriends- I’m a shitty sleeper at the best of times but I will bet my suprachiasmatic nucleus that my lack of black out blinds has something to do with it.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go… Barry from Levalor Blinds is coming over today to fit my bedroom window with some serious hardware and a blackout blind for the ages.

Look out my girlfriends… I feel a serious nap coming on.

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Adolescent Seeks Pregnancy Test Information

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It is rampant these days that sex is no longer a taboo topic.  In fact it has become one of the most discussed and most interesting topic especially to a sprouting age of teenagers to young adults. That is why sex education is now implemented as early as 9 years old in school. It  should be clear on these early ages what it leads if unprotected sex happen.  Explaining to these group of people the means of contraception and safe sex. It is vital for parents to be open minded with the matter because this is the age of “curiosity” and “exploring”.

 In this crucial stage, if misguided there is no better way but to assist a pregnant adolescent. Most of them are afraid and scared because they do not know what it is to have a bigger state of responsibility.  Adolescent present for pregnancy test in a variety of ways.  For example, she had unprotected sex and she wanted to be sure she is not pregnant. Many teens are using a home pregnancy test to confirm the result.  They must be guided how to read the result  and ask them to go seek consultation if the result is positive.  Alternately, the clinician may offer some test especially if early detection is missed out.  It is important to give them health teachings so they can be aware. The clinician will asses further details  like the desire of pregnancy versus her desire to prevent it . Regardless of the choices an adolescent makes about the pregnancy, the role of the care provider is to present accurate and unbiased information.

This is to help a seeking adolescent how soon she can have a pregnancy test. It is important to emphasize it to an adolescent to make a thoughtful decision.  Through this you are able to help appropriate services. However, if pregnancy test is negative. Education about consistent use of condom and contraceptive information are provided. With this you are able to prevent unwanted pregnancy and stillborn.


  Why Choose Beacon?

  • Case management, outreach nursing, and social work services are provided through Hemophilia of Georgia and include face-to-face education sessions and personal interaction
  • Beacon Pharmacy supports the bleeding disorder community in Georgia
  • Clients benefit from a high level of coordinated care between pharmacists, outreach nurses, and Hemophilia Treatment Center staff
  • Medications and infusion supplies are shipped directly to clients’ homes or offices
  • Prices for clotting factor and other medications are competitive
  • Infusion supplies and delivery are always included
  • Insurance claims and paperwork are filed promptly and correctly
  • Easy-to-use reminder program and online ordering keep clients from running out of factor

NHF Medical Advisory #412

January 11, 2011

Recall of Alcohol Prep Pads, Alcohol Swabs and Alcohol Swabsticks Due to Potential Bacterial Contamination

The FDA and Triad Group, Inc., a manufacturer of over-the-counter alcohol swabs, have recalled lots of alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs, and alcohol swabsticks that have private labels but are all manufactured by Triad Group, Inc. The products are marked as sterile and nonsterile. For a list of the third parties on the label, read the “.  

The reason for the recall is a potential contamination of these products with Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that causes food poisoning. Use of these products can be life threatening, especially for immune suppressed and surgical patients. If any of your alcohol swab products list the Triad Group, Inc., as the manufacturer, do not use them. Return them to the product distributor. Contact your hemophilia treatment center or healthcare provider if you have used any of these products and are experiencing any adverse side effects, such as fever or other signs of infection.

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Greek Medical Tourism

Asclepius of Greece

The Asclepia Temples (built in honor of the Greek god, Asclepius) were some of the earliest healing centers where patients from around the region congregated for therapeutic purposes.  But who exactly was Asclepius, and how did he gain so much recognition as a healer?

According to Greek mythology, Asclepius was the god of medicine who, in his pre-celestial days, had been mentored by Chiron, a master of medicine.  The young Asclepius excelled in the healing arts and was visited by sufferers from all over Greece.  Healing powers attributed to him included bringing the dead back to life, reversing aging, and curing blindness.  Most of the other gods in the Greek pantheon, many of whom had formidable healing powers themselves, weren’t too impressed with Asclepius’ growing fame.  Among the most distressed was Pluto, lord of the underworld.  Because Asclepius’ generous healing powers created so much jealousy, Pluto complained bitterly to the great Zeus who subsequently slew Asclepius with a thunderbolt.  Such cruelty and martyrdom only increased Asclepius’ status.  By the 4th century B.C., Asclepian healing temples had been constructed throughout the length and breadth of the Grecian world, from Epidaurus to Tricca and from Corinth to Pergamon.

The Rise of Greek Medical Tourism

The numerous Asclepia Temples that were constructed during this time were usually established in prime “healthful” locations, often near mineral springs.  Most temple complexes also included snake nurseries where serpents were farmed for mystic, healing rituals.   

At Epidaurus, the longest preserved of the Asclepia Temples, the complex included bathing springs, a dream temple, gymnasium, palaestra (exercise area), and a snake farm large enough to supply nearby villages.  Patients at the temple were attended to by a retinue of priests, stretcher carriers, and caretakers, before finally being granted an “appointment” with the mighty head priest.  Sacrificial payments were made according to the status of the patient – the poor left shoes; Alexander the Great left his breastplate.  Thereafter the patient retired for his or her healing sleep. The medical tourism treatment would culminate in a dream, during which Asclepius would allegedly visit the afflicted and recommend a remedy for the illness or injury.    

The Asclepia Temples flourished well into the fourth century AD until treatments began to be less ritualistic and more clinical.  However, even at the height of alchemy and herbal medicine, the old “sleep and dream” formula was still popular in certain parts of the Mediterranean.  Other temple spas, like the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia and the spa multiplex at the Temple of Delphi, flourished throughout ancient Greece, although not on the same scale as the Asclepia Temples.

Benefits of Taking Early Pregnancy Test

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If you think you could be pregnant, it is best for you to know as to when you will take the test. The timing depends on what type of pregnancy test you will do. There are two types of test , the urine test and blood sample test. These two test are both looking for the same hormone. This hormone is called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ,this hormone is present only when the woman becomes pregnant. The only difference between the two test is to how they will detect the hormone. The urine test takes about two weeks after ovulation while the blood sample finds HCG six to eight days after ovulation.  The HCG is measured in thousandths of international units. Most manufacturers displays how sensitive their test in using the mlU  as the standard unit of measure.

What could be the benefits of detecting an early pregnancy?  If you are able to have yourself test  and confirmed positive result  chances you are will adopt the healthy way of eating foods that have higher nutritional content. If you have vices, you will give up smoking, drinking alcohol and even drink caffeinated  beverages as they do not bring good to the growing fetus inside your womb. You begin to  accept change in your life. It is also important that  you have your support system like your partner, he should be present in the time of pre natal up to the day of child bearing. Your partner needs to understand the emotional breakthrough that you will be having during pregnancy. Extended family, most of the times they are the most supportive group of people, so do not ever forsake their attention to you. As all these impacts your pregnancy, a healthy baby will come out  soon which will bring joy to you and your family.

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Embracing Maternal Changes Through Pregnancy Test

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A woman’s ability to cope stress and changes plays a major role on how you will adapt and resolve conflict to the new life experiences. Acceptance will be easier if you have the confidence and support group of people such as your relationship with your partner and family to help you get through especially in dealing with the emotions. It is basic for the family to function with their role to a pregnant member. Once you realize that you are pregnant and you notice slight changes of signs and symptoms, it is best for you to take the first step and that is taking a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy kits measures the amount of Human Gonadotrophin Hormones(HCG) this is a pregnancy hormone in your body.The home kits detects the presence of HCG in your urine. The more sensitive the pregnancy kit it can detect low levels of HCG. How soon can you examine for a pregnancy test? Accurate test results at the time you would begin to menstruate, so it is important that you track down your menstrual cycle about two weeks after your are ovulating that is about seven to ten days. Best time to get a urine sample is by the time you get up from bed. Pregnancy kits are easy to use just follow the instructions that has been written on the box. There is also another way for pregnancy to be detected and that is through blood sample. Blood test are more sensitive than the urine test and can easily be detected. However you will not be advised for blood extraction not unless your menstruation is due. Therefore, the best time for you to take a pregnancy test is as soon by the time you have the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as tender breasts, fatigue, mood swings, feeling light headed, nausea and vomiting, disgusted by specific food, peeing often, cramping. Just right before you get to have a pregnancy test  you have already jump start to being pregnant. The woman knows more about her body and  she is encouraged to verbalize her feelings .