Therapy for the jaded

I just realised that I don’t have any Contact Improv videos on my blog, and this one is just so inspiring. There’s a reason for that. For all the proliferation of CI videos on YouTube, it is actually rare to find tasty pieces of this calibre that just aren’t embarrassing, self-indulgent, or just plain cheezy.

It’s the same with tango. What we see being filmed is not really tango but what Argentinians call tango for export. Tango is so inward but put a camera in front of tango dancers and it’s pure show.

Filming dance is not at all easy because good dance is so subtle, and making film from it is a whole other art. So that’s something that I also want to look at, filming and thus representing dance and movement. Is it possible to represent movement on film without thereby being representational in the sense of inauthentic, museal, or merely technical?

Is it possible to be authentic when filming movement? There is, I heard, “dance for the camera” but is there “camera for the dance”? But what is the filming for: is it promotional, inspirational, educational or aesthetic in itself? If we go beyond merely documenting movement what are the aesthetic values that apply? Sure someone’s written about this but obviously whatever that is doesn’t translate to the stuff on YouTube.

I’m about to move to Taipei where there is an established CI scene with weekly jams. So this is also in anticipation of some tasty contacting that I’ll be doing in the very near future.

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