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Breville Cafe Modena is really stylish and nice machine. This machine has stainless steel body and it has solid design and construction. For less than hundred and fifty dollars you can get fairly powerful and efficient pump espresso machine not only to prepare espresso but also lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and even more coffee beverages. Choice of coffee beverage depends only from your taste preference because the Breville Cafe Modena model ESP6SXL is capable to prepare all above mentioned beverages.

Water tank

This machine has very convenient removable water tank. Size of the water tank is 40 oz. This is enough to prepare approximately 10 shots before refilling. Water tank is situated on the side of the machine and it is easy removable. Water tank on the front part has transparent window with water level indicator. This is definitely convenient feature that allows you always be sure that your machine will have enough water to make you decent shot.

Control panel

Operating with this Breville espresso machine is definitely easy. If you are not great fun of complicated gadgets and prefer prepare coffee beverages without becoming a professional barista then this machine is for you. There is one power On/Off switch and one switch for brewing espresso and steaming milk. There are additionally two control lights. One light illuminates when the machine is turned on but the other control light illuminates to indicate that the machine is heating. When the correct temperature is reached this control light turns off.

Additional accessories


Filters for single and double shot;

E.S.E. (easy serving espresso pods) pod filter;

Porcelain espresso cup and saucer set;

Stainless steel frothing pitcher;

Tamping tool / measuring spoon.

This is very convenient that this Breville espresso machine model has designed to use not only common single and double filters but also E.S.E. pod filter. That means that you can prepare your usual shot using not only ground coffee but also E.S.E. pods, for example, in case if you don’t have enough time to do all these grinding, tamping ritual actions. These pods are also convenient for busy mornings to save your time.

Removable drip tray and grid

Stainless steel removable drip tray and grid is convenient and easy to empty.

Stainless steel warming plate

Good advantage of this machine is stainless steel warming plate. It can warm two cups at a time.

Thermoblock heating system

This machine has 15 bar thermo block pump and that means that this is fairly effective machine and during extraction you will get decent quality espresso with nice crema. Besides this Breville espresso making machine is enough powerful to prepare good quality lattes and cappuccinos or even mochas. Steam wand thanks to powerful pump can provide continues steam to produce properly steamed milk in right temperature.


This Breville espresso machine model has one year limited warranty.

Breville Cafe Modena Manual

Manual is written in very easy language and understandable form. There are simple schemas and clear pictures with plain explanatory notes. That is highly recommended to read and use this manual as guideline to start using this machine.

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This model is one of the Breville espresso machines best suited for home. Definitely Breville Cafe Modena model ESP6SXL can become reliable companion in your daily life.

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