What are widgets and how to set them up!

Widgets are these little fury animals that live in east tropical jungle regions of Africa. No Not really. Widgets are actually small applications that be installed and executed from webpages such as within your wordpress website.They are most often used on the sidebar in wordpress themes. Widgets often take the shape of on-screen tools such as calendars and clocks etc. However just about anything can be a widget. In WordPress they make these things so user friendly that you literally drag and drop the widgets into your sidebar or other places your wordpress theme allows. Widgets are typically created in DHTML, JavaScript, or Adobe Flash.

Below Is a basic guide for using widgets on your website!

1. Goto Appearance->Click ‘Widgets’

2. You will see several sections. The main one is ‘Available Widgets’ where you make select the widget you desire.

Click,drag & drop the widget onto the designated area. Usually a ‘Sidebar 1′ & ‘Side bar 2′ are available areas for widgets but with custom themes there are so many different areas you can put widgets.

3.  Now you’ve added the widget you desire just click on the top of the widget name and a tab will open up and show you all the options available that you may play with and change.

4. Deleting unwanted widgets is as easy as clicking the name, dragging and dropping the widget outside of the area. E.G. Drag it from ‘Sidebar 1′ to ‘Available widgets’

5. Finding more widgets – for this you need to use plugins. I will create a plugin guide soon so stay tuned for this step.


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