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The Espresso Machine and Me

  • Hi Welcome to the Espresso Machine Story. My name is Mister D; I’m a retired cafe owner, enjoying a life long affair with a great cup of coffee made lovingly by me every morning. I’ve literally tried every type of coffee bean that could be ground into a grind for an espresso machine and I’ve owned many of the machines.
  • Having enjoyed European style espresso coffees, American cappucinos and Continental lattes, I have settled into a cappucino style with a double espresso hit as my current favourite.(I need the wakeup call) To get to this hallowed hall of fame I had to conquer frothing milk to which I can attest still remains an art form of the highest achievement for humans.
  • I believe in  a good steam espresso machine for making my special coffees.  Some of my friends asked me to provide this website full of information on the best espresso machines available in the mid-price range of $200. This site provides the reviews of my top picks.
  • All the espresso machines presented produce a good steam source that won’t let you down. They can make excellent espresso and froth milk for cappucino and latte coffees. They all have a minimum of 15 bars of pressure and are made of strong materials with adequate water reserves and tested milk frothers. They are not $400 machines but I’ve found them very reliable as other Amazon reviewers will attest to.
  • Because coffee is always going to be an individual pleasing drink, espresso machines are designed to produce the basics of the espresso coffee, water, steam, pressure and the various operating systems; leaving the “magic of a cup” to the barista. Hence having a good machine is one thing; becoming good at making a great cup of coffee may take a little practice and patience. Until that next delicious sip, Mister D.
  • If you have a question or would like to chat about something send below. To see the great sale prices on Amazon Espresso Machines right now go here Kindle Fire HD Sale Prices

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