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Nosoma International Limited has carefully created through research and modern technological innovations a line of products collectively called, “ the Smartline”. These products are designed to proffer solutions to our clients in our various business venture areas.

Marketing / Sales Representatives

Smartmark and Smartcot, is our company’s solutions of dealing with marketing of products of goods and services for producers who do not yet have a structured or effective marketing department, or for those company who do not understand the Nigerian Market.

Smartmark product offers our services against milestone bench fees and we are responsible for adverts of the company’s product and brand, while our Smartcot offers our service based on agreed commission, Allowing us to market only the company’s products and not the company’s brand.

Land Transportation

Nosoma Int’l Limited is presently partnering with some Asian Bus manufacturing companies, as well as about to partner with some state Governments in Nigeria to introduce into the country the “Smart-eTrans-Scheme” , an electronic system of payment of bus fare as well as electronic remittance of same into the designated State Governments Bank Account.


Our SmartAd package offers specialized advertisement for our client in either the electronic, or print medias, or awareness campaigns. The SmartAll-in-one Package offers our clients advertisements from web designing, hosting, television and radio jingles …….


For writers of Novels or Textbooks who do not have the financial capacity to publish their works, we offer the Smartwriters-Series package that enables us to publish their works under our writers series for agreed royalties percentage. The SmartPublishing package on the other hand are for writers of novels, journals, textbooks, and magazines who have the financial capacity but need the services of a publishing company.

Our Maiden publication under the SmartPublishing package is the Pathfinder Magazine. This magazine deals with various topics ranging from present day contemporary issues to health, investments, style, and Entertainment. The Pathfinder magazine is a 32 pages fully coloured magazine printed in gloss paper on a 8.5 X11mm paper size. The pathfinder Magazine also has an electronic Version . Click onwww.thepathfindermagazine.com to see the online Electronic version.

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