Twentry-nine Cubes

in the top cube. End at the white arrow in the center cube in the bottom level. As you travel
through the twenty-nine cubes, you will travel from one end of the maze to the other. There is
sometimes only one successful choice for moving from each cube to the next, although there
are a few trails that will take you to that choice. You can also travel through the cutouts
on the side of each cube to reach the next cube.

approx. 210Kb (~90 seconds @ 28.8)
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Twenty-nine Cubes

THE BRIGHT COLORS and architectural structure of this maze evoke the conscious
contents of the mind or personality, or one of its most archetypal images, the great
city of Babel. Every so often, when we build a great structure in our lives — be it
a career, a relationship, or a certain sense or interpretation of self — either life
events or inner guidance hint it might not be a bad idea to explore this structure
down to its very roots in the subconscious, in order to reaquaint ourselves with the
soul essense where it started. As you travel from the top to the bottom of this maze, you
might think of your progress as plumbing all levels and building blocks of the unconscious,
breaking down and reexploring the structure of the personality or any sort of creation
to find whether it is soul truth. In its impulse to create and become, the soul is capable
of infinite beautiful expressions such as this one.

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