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In New York’s city of Brooklyn, in the south end of the town, there is an attraction that is steeped in history, and remains a viable attraction for tourists and locals to this day.  The park on Coney Island, the five star New York hotels and resorts in Brighton Beach, were in their grandest form in the early part of the Twentieth century, but popularity waned in the years following World War II.  With many amusement rides still operating and the Coney Island hot-dogs , the beaches and the sunshine, this little section of New York is still quite famous and traveled.  In 1876, the carousel was built.  For three years the beauty was lit with kerosene lanterns, however in 1879, lights provided by Edison’s invention took over.  The various animals and horses remain as they were, and are hand carved out of wood.  In the early years live music accompanied the lights and colors.  The carousel alone, is one of the most visited attractions in New York.

In addition, the famous Cyclone roller-coaster still provides the thrills and the terrifying ride it has since being built in 1927.  It is one of the few that have been famous throughout history that is still standing, and has the reputations the world over as being the most impressive wooden roller-coaster to date.  In addition to the amusement park rides and the famous hot-dogs, the island is home to the Amphitheater and the Asser Levy Park.  There are three miles of beautiful boardwalk that run through the park and along the Atlantic ocean.  One must not miss the Aquarium in Coney Island.  Open for just about sixty years, this is the only aquarium in New York City.  There are tours and educational classes for the children.  And the site has become well known over the years for their care and dedication to the preservation of the Beluga Whales, of which they offer many opportunities to learn about and interact with these incredible mammals.  Family fun is the goal of the island and as it has provided it for almost one hundred years, this treasure in Brooklyn will continue to do so for many more to come.

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