Here at Trace One, our trainers want to help you get better fast. We have developed a set of focused, targeted, hands-on workshops that show you how to make the time you spend with the software actually contribute to your job, instead of taking time away from it.

Highlights of our extended training portfolio include:

  • Available in four languages (French, English, Spanish, and Italian)
  • Full coverage of all our software, including quality, packaging, product development, and Catalogic
  • Format adapted to your availability – in person, on the phone, via Internet (live Webex or recorded e-learning)
  • As well as being expert in the software, our trainers share your professional background in quality and product development

Training Levels

A unique feature in our training is that you choose the focus adapted to your requirements. For example, for training on our Specifications module, you can choose between:

  • Trace One User training
    Our global but intensive presentation to understanding and using our software.
  • Trace One Premium training
    Hands-on training, where you bring a real specification in progress and we complete it together. You leave with a completed specification in hand tailored to the retailer’s requirements as we use the training session to work through the software, the specification, and the retailer, showing you the best way to work with all of them.

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