The “Saraay e Yadman Tavana” institute was started with elegant ideas in its founders’ mind, which we wish to share here with you. “Yadman Tavana” means not to forget that “not a single leaf falls without the permission of  God”, and that is why we start in the name of God, being well aware that “One who is wise, is mighty”.

In “Yadman” we believe that even a butterfly fluttering its wings in an unknown remote place has an impact on our spirit. So how can we ignore the sufferings of working children and what happens to women who are responsible to earn a decent living for the whole family. Even for our own sakes, we need to do something; we want to take action, although it may seem insignificant.

In “Yadman” we believe the world is a stage where people perform their show, and we want to play the best we can, so that when we are at the end of the road, standing in front of God, we are not ashamed.

In “Yadman” we never judge each other. as we have learned that it is only God who has the right to judge. We just share what we know with each other, and anyone is free to make his own choice and act as he wishes.

We want to remind working children and women who are head of household that they are never alone. By recognizing their potentials they can stop playing the role of a victim, as being a victim is far beneath human dignity. The aim of “Yadman” and all its endeavors is to provide opportunities for people to develop their abilities by training and to put an end to social damages. We know that we live in a world where it is simply possible for us to get in the place of whom we, today, falsely believe are far from us.

“Yadman” is a place to remind and to practice what one knows. If you are among those who want to practice what  they know and what they learn, you are welcomed to our house. There is a journey ahead of us.

The members of “Yadman” started their activities in 1385, with the hope to flourish, and have taken the first steps to achieve their goals by getting a formal license from the Tehran Welfare organization.

Our duty is to prevent working children from social damage so our activities include: 
Children literacy
Offering individual and group counseling to working children and women in head of household
Providing housing subsidy for children discharged from social welfare 
Providing housing subsidy for women in head of household who are under the cover of the institute
Providing scholarship subsidy for covered members
Providing clothes for covered members
Training covered members


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