Points to Know When Choosing For a Dentist

Many people fail to see a general dentist at least every six months. As pointed out by the American Dental Association, some people who have serious health conditions and certain bad habits and careers actually need customized oral health care at a more frequent rate. Even though a variety of factors put them at higher risk for oral health problems, many of these people fail to even get a standard amount of care.

Poor oral health can undermine the health of other areas of the body. If you haven’t seen a Beaverton general dentist in a while, then it’s time to make the call. General dentists are your first line of defense in keeping your mouth in its healthiest state. They provide the following services:


A general dentist performs a full examination of the mouth, including the teeth, gums, lips, soft palette and tongue, to find damage, decay and disease. Beyond checking for cavities and gum disease, your general dentist checks for signs of other health problems like fungal and cancer growth. A lot of dentists also perform comprehensive exams at least once a year to check the head and neck for problems like swollen lymph nodes.


During dental visits, you also receive greater insight into the connection between oral and total health. General dentists outline the proper way to keep your mouth free of debris that can feed harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. If you use a night appliance to prevent grinding, a sports mouth guard, dentures, braces or whitening trays, your general dentist also gives you information to help make using these items easier.


Your general dentist performs a thorough cleaning of your mouth twice a year to supplement the work you do every day to maintain your oral health with a toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and other oral health tools, such as tongue scraper or oral irrigator. This cleaning consists of removing hard mineral plaque that builds up along the gum line and causes receding gums. Your general dentist has special tools to remove this plaque in hard-to-reach places near the back molars.


Many general dentists provide a variety of cosmetic services, including basic teeth realignment using Invisalign trays, custom mouth guard and denture creation and tooth whitening. These services usually do a lot more than give you a more beautiful smile. Some services protect your teeth from sports- or job-related accidents, prevent further damage from conditions like bruxism and fill in gaps between teeth to stop gum and jaw erosion. Several types of enhancements like veneers help boost self esteem.

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