The List Of The Most Common Dreaded Diseases

Holiday season is done. Now back to our normal life again. After a feast some people usually experience a lot of diseases like heart attack and diabetes. Too much cholesterol, sugar and fiber from those party food and unwanted chemicals from those drinks are the main reason for increase blood glucose and high blood pressure. Somehow a dreaded disease could result from this. Although some may be getting minor health troubles. Minor problems could occur like difficulty sleeping and insomia from those night hours spend during the holiday season. Then with just a little help from a natural supplement, everything is back to normal.

Liver Disease

A disease that occur on the system which causes tissue damage on the liver can be called liver disease. Live is known to be the largest glandular organ of our body. The liver help our immune system battle some infection, removes bad bacteria from our blood, and creates bile, which is also important for digestion. Some obvious signs of a liver disease include a dark circles under the eyes, unusual color of the tongue, too much sweating, bad body odor and more.

Colon Cancer

The colon is the found at the last part of the digestive system. The colon starts from cecum and end on the rectum. So, what happen to our body without our colon? The most common cancer, colon cancer scared a lot of people today. Colon cancer which is also called the colorectal cancer is the cancerous growth in the whole colon area, rectum area and appendix part. Colon cancer can be determine on person suffering constant abdominal distension, constipation vomiting and abdominal pain. An individual diagnosed or treated for colon cancer before will likely develop a colon cancer again.


Insulin sensitivity or any insulin related problems are a serious threat and a person experiencing this should get help. But some people may not afford the cost of medical treatments. While medical attention should be done promptly. If there is no proper regulation on the amount of glucose inside the blood, insulin sensitivity may occur. A person could acquire a type two diabetes because of this. The one thing people might do is take those effective but inexpensive natural supplement – glymetrol. In conclusion, health is always our wealth. It is a shame to put life in second priority.

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