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Ann DeGrassi, CMIS, is president of AMB Medical Billing Management, an experienced and professional healthcare billing services firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Beginning in 1981, Ann held a number of management positions in the insurance and office management fields. For the past 19 years, she has served in healthcare insurance, billing and collection management, specializing in training and quality assurance. In 2015, AMB Medical Billing Management, formerly known as Urgent Care Billing Solutions, became solely owned by Ann, who had been a partner in the firm since it was established. Ann is a graduate of Amarillo College. She is an active member of Community Bible Church and enjoys spending time with her four daughters, Elizabeth, Kelli, Sarah and Emily. Ann has two grandchildren, Colton and Peyton.

Medical Billing Services San Antonio | Healthcare Billing Services Texas | Physician Billing Services Texas | Premier Medical Billing Company in Texas | A&B Medical Billing Services

The AMB team has experience in many specialties and most team members are certified in medical coding. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each of our clients. As a client, you will be able to receive instant access to your patient scheduling, billing, and collection information. With the ever changing business world, AMB acts as your own personal consultant as a means of achieving an optimized and cost-effective practice. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who oversees all of the billing aspects. Your account manager ensures that all departments work in unison to provide the maximum revenue for you, the healthcare provider.

Medical Billing Services San Antonio | Healthcare Billing Services Texas | Physician Billing Services Texas | Free Database Set-Up | A&B Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services San Antonio | Healthcare Billing Services Texas | Physician Billing Services Texas | Revenue Optimization Services | A&B Medical Billing Services

AMB provides practice management services and revenue optimization services to the healthcare community in a virtual office environment. We assist healthcare providers to produce efficient billing practices by providing transaction entry and tracking, electronic insurance claims submission, patient billing, aged accounts receivable collections, practice management analysis, consulting, content management and credentialing.

Medical Billing Services San Antonio | Healthcare Billing Services Texas | Physician Billing Services Texas | Free Database Set-Up | A&B Medical Billing Services

Mississippi Business Journal В» Blog Archive В» Bus company gets stimulus funding

Bus company gets stimulus funding

“GREENVILLE — Funding provided by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has allowed a Greenville-based bus company to expand its fleet of vehicles.

MDOT recently announced the purchase of five new 55-passenger buses, which will be operated by Delta Bus Lines Inc., an Intercity Bus Carrier. Through the Section 5311 (f) Intercity Bus Program, MDOT provided 83 percent of the funding for three of the $484,457 buses, with Delta Bus Lines contributing the remaining 17 percent. Two of the buses were purchased with 100 percent ARRA funding.

These new buses will be used to transport passengers from the Mississippi Delta for connection to other states. Delta Bus Lines operates transportation services from Memphis, Tenn., via U.S. 61 and U.S. 82, through Jackson and Vicksburg to Baton Rouge, La.

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Pregnancy Test For Early Detection

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Women nowadays are health conscious especially with the food they take and the means of having a regular exercise. Women have become enthusiastic on how to stay beautiful and healthy. Teaching young women to take good care of themselves is one way of enhancing their knowledge especially to knowing the reproductive system and the education regarding sex should be implemented. About 95 percent of the world’s population are aware but are deficient when it comes to being safe. That is why unwanted pregnancies are most likely common to this generation. Emphasizing the need to be cautious should not be limited because it can lead to a major life stress. Assuming that it already happened, pregnancy has taken place. You wonder as to when you need to know that you are pregnant.

When could be the earliest time for you to take pregnancy test? The answer is as soon as you are able to experience the early signs of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting ,fatigue, change of mood, light headedness and tingling of the breast. There are several types of test to be done if you are pregnant. Home pregnancy test detects the HCG levels in your urine. By simply taking this test, should be three to four days after a missed period but if you test it too early it chances are a false-negative result, it comes in for about three minutes before you see lines appearing on the kit. Blood test  are more sensitive than urine test  and can detect pregnancy for about six to eight weeks after ovulation. When results are positive, the next step for you to do next is to have a check up so that you will be assisted throughout the nine months of pregnancy. You will be given a regimen if there are any findings for a risky pregnancy. Take into considerations what will be advised and you will have a good and healthy pregnancy.

Three Times When Urgent Care House Calls Are The Best Choice – Depressed? Adopt a Cat

If an urgent care house call center has opened up in your city, grab that phone number and keep it handy. Urgent care centers not only are easier to deal with than emergency rooms when you need to see someone but don’t have a major emergency happening, but the house call versions are also a lot better because they help keep you and others safe. Here are three times when using a house call service is going to be the best option.

You Don’t Have a Ride — Don’t Wait for a Taxi

If you don’t have a car, getting to an urgent care center is going to be annoying. You have to wait for a taxi and then hope there’s no traffic. The stress from that can make whatever is happening seem a lot worse. Instead, if you call a house call service, you can wait and care for yourself at home. You’ll still have to wait for a doctor to show up, but you won’t have the added stress on yourself from traffic, construction, or other travel issues.

You Think It’s Communicable — Don’t Spread It

If you think what you’ve got is communicable — maybe you have a fever or have noticed white spots in your throat — stay home. Call a house call service and see only the doctor and assistant who show up. Don’t risk spreading what you have to a taxi driver, other people in the waiting room, or other people you encounter when out and about. By staying at home, you can contain the spread, and the doctor and assistant will be able to take care of themselves and prevent transmitting the illness to the next patient they see.

You’ve Taken Medication — Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Sometimes the problem you’re dealing with is painful or involves fever, allergy symptoms, and other issues that require medication. Unfortunately, a lot of that medication can make you feel drowsy, and that can lead to accidents and possible DUI charges. Instead of risking going out on the road, call the ” service and let them know what you’ve taken. Arrange for someone to let the doctor in if you’ve fallen asleep, or stay by the door so any buzzers wake you up. This is actually a crucial reason for using a house call service because the consequences of trying to drive while on medication can be so severe.

If you have other questions about what happens during a house call, especially for urgent care problems, talk to the services that have opened up in your area and see what they do. Find out how to pay, how to request a doctor, and how tests are done. It’s best to have the information now so you can use it later on.

Annette Deschamps Clifton – RMT, DOMP, Acupuncturist

Annette resized

Watch this ” about Osteopathy and Sage Wellness…

Annette Deschamps-Clifton has been registered massage therapist since 1987. Continually educating herself, she has been an acupuncturist since 1991 and is a numbered therapist under the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act in Ontario. Annette is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP) and graduated in November 2012. She treats adults, children, babies, and animals. Annette treats all varieties of conditions, she specializes in treating fertility, autism,  young  children with learning difficulties and  birthing trauma, sports injuries, and is certified through Can Fit Pro for resist-a-ball core strengthening . She recently returned from training in New York to become certified in Foundation Training, an exercise program that specializes in helping to improve lower back pain, herniated disc  and other chronic pain.

She believes that all conditions can be helped.

To talk with Annette or book an appointment call 905-432-9828 ext. 22

You can book an appointment online at this “

Michigan MIChild Plan Finder | michild health insurance information

Michigan MIChild Plan Finder | michild health insurance information

Intended for Michigan residents and families interested in the michild
healthcare program, the MICHILD Plan Finder will enable licensed Michigan
insurance agents to better assist your health coverage needs and questions. The
michild plan finder will provide you with cost, and coverage information based on
your specific needs for coverage. Whether you’ve have a specific question about
benefits, qualifications, pre-existing conditions or other information relevant
to the michild program, the plan finder is a tool that will better assist your
needs. Learn more about the michild program by requesting additional information
today. All requests are processed the day they are received
on a secure server.


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Lower Than Normal Body Temperature: Causes And Home Remedies

Normal body temperature is an indication that the person is in good health. In medical world, the benchmark set in for a normal body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. Based on a German physician Dr. Wunderlich’s observation the ‘standard’ body temperature is accepted by medical fraternity. Although 98.6 is the standard normal temperature, it may not be always remain constant in a healthy person. Slight lower and higher variation is normal and there is no cause of worry.

However, if you have extreme low body temperature, it may produce host of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, confusion, drowsiness, weak and slow pulse, etc.

With low body temperature the body is extremely cold when touched.

A range of 89 to 95 degree Fahrenheit is considered moderately low body temperature. Body temperature below 89 is considered extremely lower than normal body temperature. Low body temperature can be due environmental factors or some medical conditions. The core temperature of the body lower than 95 degree F is considered as low. Low body temperature is also called hypothermia.

What Can Cause Below Normal Body Temperature?

Body temperature lower than normal, can occur due to several reasons. Temperature that is too low (95 degree F and below) is often a sign of illness.

It can be external cause or an internal medical condition.

  • Exposure to extreme cold climate can cause hypothermia. Exposure to cold climate especially in icy cold atmosphere the body becomes cold. If the body temperature becomes abnormally low, it can be life threatening situation for a person. In case of a blizzard or remaining in cold sea water for a long period of time can make the body cold. Drinking alcohol in such situation may be hazardous for health. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and blood rushes to the surface of skin where more heat is lost.
  • Low body temperature is common with certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. It is a thyroid disorder where there is imbalance of thyroid hormones. Often low body temperature gives an early hint of this disorder to the physician.
  • A ruptured aneurism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, low blood sugar in diabetics, certain medications for treating anxiety and depression, and severe trauma can cause low body temperature than normal. Hypothermia is one of the sign of sepsis. The condition is life threatening resulting from an infection. Kidney failure and cardiac infarction can cause drop in body temperature. For a precise diagnosis, your physician will consider associated symptoms.

Home Remedies For Low Body Temperature

A drastic drop in body temperature can be dangerous. If there is no medical assistance at the site, immediate first aid measures should be sorted to preserve and raise temperature of brain and trunk. It can be done by insulating the body all around with blankets or sleeping bag to prevent further loss of heat.

  • Rewarming can be done externally or by internal means. External rewarming can be done by using blankets, forced hot air, and warm bath and wearing warm clothes. Internal rewarming requires hospitalization or medical help, especially when the person is unconscious or the pulse have become feeble.
  • Person should be moved to a warm shelter as early as possible. His wet clothes should be removed and he should wear warm clothes. If the person is conscious, he is encouraged to drink warm water or warm soups. But avoid use of alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  • Few home remedies work well to raise body temperature. Drink ginger tea. Ginger has natural qualities to raise core body temperature and it also increases the metabolic process when digested.
  • Use of cinnamon bark powder in food preparation is beneficial as it helps in regulating the blood glucose level. It is especially beneficial for diabetics who have low body temperature.

Girlfriends… it’s really light in my bedroom. I don’t say that to elicit a giggle. Get your minds out of the gutter.

We have southern exposure and no blackout blinds. I live in downtown Vancouver. As such, I can almost read a book…. At 2 am with the lights out in my bedroom… full moon or not.

Sure we have a great apartment but unfortunately it comes with those shitty white bottom of the barrel blinds. These are the crappy white lever blinds that come with most standard apartments in the downtown.

Make no mistake, I love it that these blinds are my key to privacy. I close the blinds and my neighbour can’t see me when I walk around my bedroom in my underwear. Yes, I understand that all things come at a cost but is it so much to ask that I get a set of drapes that black out the light and prevent me from having my very own underwear based You-Tube video?

Me and my shitty blinds have pretty much reached the end of our relationship. I need me some black out blinds.

I am tired (excuse the pun) of sleeping in a room that is lit up like Times Square.
I am tired of sleeping with a sleep mask on my face at all times.
I am tired of walking to the washroom in BROAD DAYLIGHT at 3 in the morning.

This really has become a problem.

You see, I really like to sleep in a cave. I like to get out of bed in the middle of the night and fumble to find the bathroom. I like to trip over things and want for a night light because it is so dark in the room.

My time spent travelling and staying in hotels allows me to see how the darker half lives. On the down side of course is bed bugs…. On the up side is the black-out blinds.

Yes my cybersisters I will risk the threat of vermin for the sake of not having to wear another one of those “sleepytime masks” with the word “Princess” scrolled across the front in glued on rhinestones.

Most people don’t sleep well in hotels. They talk about how the room is foreign to them and how they miss their own bed, their own room and their own pillow.

Me? Sure, I miss the familiarity of it all, but I welcome the dark.

You see our brains are pretty specific when it comes to being influenced by light.

We all have a biological clock in our brains that help to regulate our sleep and wake cycles and other key physiological systems that allow us to live in harmony with our natural surroundings such as day and night and the changing of the seasons.

This is same system that helps to tell us when we are sleepy or awake. It is the same system that gets “off kilter” when we travel and suffer from jet lag for example.

The most important function of a biological clock is to regulate certain biological rhythms like the sleep/wake cycle. The biological clock is also involved in controlling seasonal reproductive cycles in some animals through its ability to track information about the changing lengths of daylight and darkness during a year.

There are two types of biological rhytms. Exogenous rhythms are directly produced by an external influence, such as an environmental cue. (think time of day). These are not generated internally by the organism itself, and if the environmental cues are removed, the rhythm ceases. For example put someone in a dark room for days on end and they will eventually lose their usual day/night cycle.

Endogenous rhythms, by contrast, are driven by an internal, self-sustaining biological clock rather than by anything external to us. Biological rhythms like changes in core body temperature, are endogenous. They are maintained even if environmental cues are removed.

Humans have a circadian rhythm that has a natural day length of just over 24 hours. This “clock” needs to be reset to match the length of day for what is called the “environmental photoperiod”.

This is the amount of daylight in a 24 hour period. As you can imagine the body’s internal clock goes haywire in times where day and night are prolonged. For example- move to the arctic in the summer where the daylight last for 20 or so hours and you have a problem with your internal clock.

The cue that synchronizes the internal biological clock to the environmental cycle is light. Photoreceptors in the retina (the back of the eye) transmit light-dependent signals to a blace in the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. This is an area that sits right on top of the optic nerve behind the eye. Drill a hole between your eye and your ear straight into the brain and you are there. I don’t mean to be gross or dramatic but it’s the visual I’m after.

Interestingly, our usual visual system receptors, the rods and cones, are apparently not required for this photoreception.9This mean that even some blind people still have a sense of a biological clock.

Special types of retinal ganglion cells are photoreceptive and project directly to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, and appear to have all the properties required to provide the light signals for synchronizing the biological clock.3 At the suprachiasmatic nucleus the signal interacts with several genes that serve as “pacemakers.”

A study published in Neuroscience Letters in 1986 exposed 8 healthy controls to bright light starting at 6 am and ending at 9am. These people were monitored for their sleep patterns for 10 days at first and in rooms where the light gradually became lighter at around 6am and progressed until 9 am. This had little effect on their day/night cycle.

The study then went on and exposed the same subjects to a bright light at 6am. Within 7 days the day/night cycle of these subjects was significantly altered. All subjects would now wake up at just before 6am almost as if they had anticipated the “light wake up call”.

Girlfriends- I’m a shitty sleeper at the best of times but I will bet my suprachiasmatic nucleus that my lack of black out blinds has something to do with it.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go… Barry from Levalor Blinds is coming over today to fit my bedroom window with some serious hardware and a blackout blind for the ages.

Look out my girlfriends… I feel a serious nap coming on.

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