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Hari Ketiga : 23 Mei 2013 PDAM Tirta Amertha Buana Tabanan dengan salah satu misinya adalah “Peningkatan Kemampuan Karyawan Menjadi Lebih Profesional Dalam Bidangnya”,  melalui pelatihan ini diharapkan memberikan dampak positif bagi peningkatan mutu pelayanan air minum PDAM Tabanan yaitu memberi pelayanan “berkualitas, mencukupi, mengalir 24 jam (Kualitas, Kuantitas, Kontinuitas)” untuk  menuju pelayanan prima. Bertempat […]

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Nosoma International Limited has carefully created through research and modern technological innovations a line of products collectively called, “ the Smartline”. These products are designed to proffer solutions to our clients in our various business venture areas. Marketing / Sales Representatives Smartmark and Smartcot, is our company’s solutions of dealing with marketing of products of […]

Ananda meditation line, laavanay

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WITH CONFIDENCE AND INTEGRITYKaceon Research LLC is owned and operated by Scott Chamberlin with over 25 years experience in Law Enforement, Fraud, and Internationl Police Instruction background.  Scott utilizes highly trained and investigative network of former Police Detectives and Officers, private investigators, international investigators and instructors.  With a combination of over 25 years in the […]