Next Door Pharmacy – Pharmacy – Chico, California

Our mission is to utilize our knowledge, education, and skills to provide quality healthcare solutions to maximize medication therapies. Our pharmacists and staff are always readilyavailable to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your healthcare. We offer consultations upon pickup as well as private consultations by appointments or walk-ins. Our staff […]

Going Organic Shopping

A greater percent of the population would be willing to get through just about anything just to achieve their ideal look. Aesthetic beauty is definitely becoming a social trend, as much as inner health is becoming an even more serious concern in households. This fully explains the presence of a lot of cosmetic and non […]

Nutrition and Weight Loss Fibromyalgia The goal is to help your body heal naturally. The focus is on nurturing you nutritionally, boosting your immune system, detoxification, regulating the metabolic system.This program is individualized and includes supplementation, diet education including juicing, detoxification and exercise. Diabetes Focuses on nutrition to nourish and cleans the vital organs that […]

Pharmaceuticals: Veterinary

“Distributor of vaccines, medications, supplements, and equipment for horses, livestock and pets. Includes searchable catalog and ordering information. Madison, Wisconsin, USA. “Manufactures generic and proprietary veterinary pharmaceuticals and pet care products with a focus on the companion animal market. Based in Kariong, Australia. “Provides products for veterinarians, livestock producers, and pet owners. […]

I Want To Be Healthy

A Telephone Doctor Consultation For You! A telephone doctor consultation is becoming a new found way for many people. To talk to a doctor and have a telephone doctor consultation means a whole world of difference for some people. Ring A Doc offers a service that is available to anyone. The service is having a […]

Religion in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Approach to Spirituality This medical tourism destination differs from other Latin American countries in more ways than one. Its isolated geographic location, lack of natural resources, and sparse population were blessings in disguise that shielded the country from colonial expansion.  As a result, native Costa Ricans enjoyed a level of independence normally missing […]