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Find The Copy & Paste Webinar Swipes Below.. Your Webinar Link: TWO DAYS BEFORE THE WEBINAR – SWIPE TITLE: Just Over ,200 On Autopilot? (Hurry up, I’ll show you) This Wednesday, the 28th at 7pm I have a special treat for everyone. I will be hosting, along with Ricky Mataka & Michael Young a […]

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::adelaide fringe festival::

Vintage fringe.  This is the stuff you go look forward to stumbling across.  Bob Log III (the third, not 3) is a gimmick,but an damn entertaining one.  A singer-songwriter and one man band, Bob’s hook involves performing in a crash helmet and body suit with an old telephone for a microphone which protrudes from his […]

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Update from G.A.A. Meeting 2/28 St. Patrick’s Day Cup will begin April 22nd at West Sunset. April 29th,May 6th and May 13th also at West Sunset. The location for May 20th isTBD. There will be a bye on 5/27 for Memorial Day. The Board will makethe draw for the Paddy’s Day Cup and a schedule […]

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Buy Cheap Soma Cheap Montana Posted by Peter Meyer Oct7 Erhaps if more people in our world had foresight and insight-not necessarily to clairvoyance or mysticism so much as a heightened ability for interpretive deductive reasoning-to be able to escape with their lives secretly by blinding the one-eyed creature-which is known whenever we are completely […]