I Want To Be Healthy

A Telephone Doctor Consultation For You! A telephone doctor consultation is becoming a new found way for many people. To talk to a doctor and have a telephone doctor consultation means a whole world of difference for some people. Ring A Doc offers a service that is available to anyone. The service is having a […]


On April 10, 2006, Bausch & Lomb announced suspension of shipments of its saline solution ReNu with MoistureLoc. Reports of fungal keratitis infections are surfacing in contact lens wearers who use the solution. Increase in fungal infections found Just before Bausch & Lomb announced it was suspending shipments, the FDA warned of increasing numbers of […]

Religion in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Approach to Spirituality This medical tourism destination differs from other Latin American countries in more ways than one. Its isolated geographic location, lack of natural resources, and sparse population were blessings in disguise that shielded the country from colonial expansion.  As a result, native Costa Ricans enjoyed a level of independence normally missing […]

Thorus International

Welcome to the Refferals page! This page is designed to honour the boards where Thorus International is reckognized as a legit source.Most of these boards have their sourcing section reserved for their trusted members,but some are open for all to exchange their experience with sources.It would be most valued if you also share your experience […]

Infertile Help

Yachtsman Bertarelli seeks new course for Serono Reuters – a low-tech maker of urine-based fertility drugs into Europe’s leading biotechnology company, with a been a pioneering producer of fertility drugs, using hormones extracted from the Aussie fertility rate on the rise NEWS.com.au – 200 babies were born, increasing the national fertility rate to 1.77 babies […]


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